Luxury Preserved Green Walls

Desireign preserved green walls are from Italy, where it is handmade and are being preserved using natural technique. This assemblage of various moss and plants on a vertical surface brings to the indoor and thereby sets a fresh trend toward décor.

These preserved green walls require zero maintenance. Install these and forget about how to keep it neat, thought bringing the best out of it to indoors for years to come. Since the plants and moss are naturally preserved, they require no soil, watering or sunlight at all. Desireign provide the best services and are the best green wall suppliers in Dubai. Let us walk you through the process

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We keep an assortment of over 50 plant types and are curated based on your requirements. We are able to provide custom made designs to suit your needs which includes the different moss colors, textures and plants.

First, we understand your interest and requirement then take the measurement of the wall you want covered. Once the design and the material are approved with sample then from our workshop, we create the wall as per your requirement and lastly, the final product is installed.


Desireign luxury preserved green wall are suitable for most of the building applications as an internal décor element in either horizontal and vertical applications. Our team is specialized in creating designs as per your requirement

Indoor walls or ceiling:

Transform your indoor walls or ceiling to an ecofriendly matching your interiors. It can also be installed in any zero-light area. Preserved moss and plants can be used to make a creative design on any surface or with different material combinations

Vegetal identity:

Preserved moss and plants can be used for branding by creating corporate logos either it can be a back ground or it can be as shapes or letters with different color and texture combinations. This will give different brand image compared to traditional signages


Can be more creative by using preserved moss and plants to create a customize furniture to match your interior requirements

Colors and textures:

It come with different colors and textures to match your interior requirements


All our products are designed and manufactured according to high standard to give high quality performance

Comparison to traditional green wall

Traditional green wall is built from live plants which are growing actively. This means they need regular pruning, watering, and lighting. Thus, Desireign luxury preserved green which is 100% natural and has the following advantages

We provide the best maintenance free green wall in the UAE

  • No need for watering or complicated irrigation systems
  • Fertilizers are not required
  • No need for pruning
  • No need for lighting
  • No toxic
  • Handmade
  • Does not grow

Give us a call or contact via an email. We are happy to discuss and design-build your dream project.

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