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Desireign moss wall is a maintenance-free vertical garden for interiors and is 100% natural. They are popular and useful garden feature and are a great way to add character and texture to your home and office. A specific cutting technique ensures the perfect renewing of the moss. Moss is harvested by hand, with respect to the plants and their surroundings. Once it is harvested it goes through a preservation procedure 100% eco-friendly and carried out with no toxic, no dangerous chemicals or components. The moss is applied by hand to the support and installed as per the design requirement. Once it is installed it will last for years and the maintenance is nothing apart from a normal dusting. Moss is one of the floral elements involved in most of our services, which is completely natural. They provide a unique element, which revitalizes your indoors while preserving the natural beauty. Desireign provides the best services and is the best moss wall supplier in Dubai.

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We are able to provide custom-made designs to suit your needs. The different types of moss that we hold are:

Reindeer moss           Ball moss           Fern moss  Flat moss                     Star moss

The color combination and textures are versatile enough to be used in a variety of design projects. It is possible to match two or more colors and combinations of moss at a time.

Applications: Desireign moss is suitable for most building applications as an internal decor element in either horizontal and vertical applications. Our team is specialized in moss wall installation as per your design requirement. 

Indoor walls or ceiling: We offer a wide range of moss colors and textures to choose from and transform your indoor walls or ceiling into an eco-friendly one,  matching your interiors. It can also be installed in any zero-light area. Moss can be used to make a creative design on any surface or with different material combinations.

Vegetal identity: Moss can be used for branding by creating corporate logos either it can be background or it can be as shapes or letters with different color combinations. This will give a different brand image compared to traditional signages 

Acoustic: Reindeer moss absorbs sound from a range of frequencies, they require no maintenance, making them the ideal solution for improving speech intelligibility and delivering impactful aesthetics.

Furniture: Can be more creative by using moss to create customized furniture to match your interior requirements. 

Colors: Reindeer moss is available in 14 different colors and other moss is available in a single color

Quality: All our products are designed and manufactured according to a high standard to give high-quality performance    

Comparison to the traditional green wall

Traditional green wall is built from live plants which are growing actively. This means they need regular pruning, watering, and lighting. Thus, preserved moss wall which is 100% natural and has the following advantages :

  • No need for watering or complicated irrigation systems
  • Fertilizers are not required
  • No need for pruning
  • No need for lighting
  • No toxic
  • Handmade
  • Sound Absorber
  • Does not grow

We provide the best Moss wall in UAE.

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Add beauty to your space with our moss walls

The moss walls have always been eye-catchy, but they have become all the more popular over time. The moss doesn’t grow actively; it just needs the right humidity level to preserve its freshness. The moss wall is a way of adding freshness and greenery to any space, whether it is indoors, or workspace. Moss walls have quickly become the most popular green wall option for all.

We at Desireign  offer custom-made moss wall Dubai to meet the specific needs of our clients. We have different types of moss options to suit your aesthetic sensibilities. Reindeer moss, Fern moss, and Star moss are popular types of green walls used by people. They make for an amazing choice for people with vertical moss garden in Dubai.

What is a Moss wall?

Wall moss is a type of green wall that is created with the help of preserve natural materials. You can find different types of textures and colours for moss. These moss were once living, and they are preserved carefully with the help of non-toxic resin and glycerine for retaining the colour and shape for many years.

Difference between a moss wall and a living wall

One of the main reasons why moss wall is so popular is that it can be installed at several places, even in locations where the living wall is impossible.

  • A major advantage of wall moss is that it can sustain in any type of indoor setting. They don’t need any specific growing conditions.
  • Our moss wall Dubai doesn’t need water or light. It needs minimum maintenance. Though it is natural moss, yet it isn’t live anymore.
  • With moss wall, you can explore creative options. They can be tailor-made as well as cut and fit into any shape and size. There are many colour and texture options.
  • The moss walls can be combined with elements like shells, wood, faux stone, etc.
  • These walls are very light in weight as compared to their size. They are as big as a living wall but have no weight in comparison. They don’t even need watering, so there is no reason for additional weight from retained water.
  • The moss walls are quite thin, just 2-4 cm  from the wall.

Easy to install walls

The preserved moss walls are easy to install, and they can be placed anywhere. However, you must keep few limitations in mind:

  • You can’t put moss wall in the direct sunlight as it will get scorched.
  • You can’t put the moss wall in an area that’s extremely dry.
  • The moss walls should not be placed near air conditioning or heating vents. The blast of cold or hot air will destroy it.
  • Avoid installing them near wet areas.

You just need to schedule an appointment with our technician for annual maintenance so that they can see if the wall moss is secure and moss panels are in place. For installing wall moss in your vertical moss garden in Dubai, get in touch with us today.



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