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From the initial stages of visualizing to creation our entire process is extremely thorough and efficient. We offer several services for indoor and outdoor design solutions; luxury preserved green walls, vertical gardens, moss walls, pots and planters, plantscaping and maintenance. Our interior wall finishes are suitable for most building applications as an internal décor in either horizontal or vertical applications. With years of skill and practice behind us, we are able to provide custom made products tailored to your needs. The result is an appealing element to prettify your atmosphere. Take a step into efficient living with us…


Our audacious luxury preserved green walls, artificial vertical gardens and preserved plants among other products require zero maintenance, which means all you have to do is choose your foliage density and design and leave the rest to us!

Since the plants and moss are naturally preserved, they require no soil, water or sunlight at all.

We also do offer natural green walls for those who love the feel of natural plants in their homes or offices. We offer the best interior and exterior solutions, with little maintenance and full satisfaction.


We possess the capability and expertise to deliver interior solutions and this includes the consultation, design, measurements and installation up to the after care and maintenance. Our passion and dedication towards prettifying your atmosphere helps deliver our best work, leaving our believers satisfied and happy. We are able to adapt to every location and site and would for you to give us a chance!



Artificial plants in Dubai

Preserved Plants & Moss Trend

Preserved Plants & Moss Trend The new trend in town is preserved plants as they look the same as living plants except, they require no maintenance. These plants are aesthetically pleasing while giving the same feel as fresh plants in


Adidas Project

Adidas Project Each brand and project are unique. We at Desireign make sure to enhance the brand with our services in order to create a unique and memorable design. Adidas was one of our latest projects where we used Reindeer

wall plants indoor

Biophilia Benefits

Biophilia Benefits We are always surrounded by noise, traffic, pollution and other stressors of life. Sometimes we just need to take a minute to breath and feel better. That is where “Biophilia” comes in, which translates to “love of nature”.


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